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Brandworkz and Templafy integrate to expand the scope of brand management

Brandworkz, the brand asset management platform, and Templafy, the template management and document creation platform has formed a strategic partnership that expands the scope of brand management across businesses.

Brand asset management and digital asset management software is already used by companies to immerse staff in the brand and to control, manage and distribute brand-compliant logos, images, videos, marketing artworks and any other business-related digital assets.

But there is a key area of brand management which is often forgotten – business documents, presentations and emails created in programmes like Microsoft Word, Outlook, Excel and PowerPoint.

Staff create literally thousands of business documents from scratch or from using their own ‘homegrown’ templates every day. These documents and document templates often don’t follow company brand and compliance guidelines – leading to a “document anarchy” headache for Marketing, Communications and Compliance teams.

Templafy was created to solve this problem. It’s a unique platform that lets staff access any type of office document as an on-brand, company approved template, which is personalized for each employee. And Templafy is now integrated with Brandworkz to create a seamless end-to-end tool that takes brand management further than ever before.

With this strategic partnership, users of a Brandworkz platform can now access their brand assets, logos, images, video or other digital content directly from within their existing office applications using the Templafy task pane. When working on office documents, any digital assets stored in Brandworkz can be directly added to a Templafy template via the two-way integration. You can now have everything you need to create on-brand, compliant business documents all in one place.

“As champions of brand management, we are delighted to announce the Brandworkz partnership with Templafy. This extends what is possible with brand management software and creates a game-changer for brand consistency. The combined offering means staff can be educated about their company’s brand in the same place as they access the content they need to create outstanding brand experiences for customers; whether that’s creating artwork from assets in Brandworkz or office documents via Templafy”, says Jens Lundgaard, Founder and CEO of Brandworkz.

“Business documents are often the most overlooked part of the brand management puzzle and yet they are so important for brand consistency – business documents are a daily brand touchstone for staff and customers. We are excited to be able to offer clients an easy-to-use, unified tool that keeps the brand-compliant and streamlines processes right across a business”, says Christian Lund, Templafy’s Chief Product Officer and Co-Founder.

Editors’ Notes

Brandworkz is a cloud-based brand management platform for marketers. A centralised portal, Brandworkz is designed to be the content hub of your marketing ecosystem.

With so many marketing channels and so much content, it is easy to lose a grip of whether colleagues, agencies, distributors, salespeople and partners are communicating the right messages to the right audiences at the right time. If there is a disconnect in communication between teams, the brand promise doesn’t get as far as the consumer and their brand experience is not consistent.

Brandworkz enables every internal team within a business to deliver a unified brand experience. It allows users to share marketing content, create and edit artwork, collaborate with colleagues globally and buy into the brand promise.


Templafy is the true enterprise solution for streamlined business document creation, email signatures and template management throughout your organization to help keep everyone on-brand and compliant.

Companies across the globe have a hard time enforcing company guidelines and legal compliance over the thousands of documents, presentations, emails, proposals and contracts produced by staff every day. The typical result is a devalued brand, a significant risk of non-compliance and a massive loss in company-wide productivity and business value.

Templafy lets you manage, dynamically update and share business document templates and brand assets throughout your organization for streamlined document creation for everyone, from anywhere and from any device. It’s a solution that Marketing, Communication and Compliance teams can control, that IT can trust and that everyone in an organization loves using day-to-day.

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