Brand Experience and the Customer Perspective: A review of the CIM Brand Health Summit

The CIM Brand Health Summit held yesterday must be up there with one of the most interesting and high quality events we’ve been involved in here at Brandworkz.

Brandworkz has been part of a large CIM brand experience research survey as the sponsor, and the results were unveiled at the Summit yesterday.

Jens Lundgaard, our Founder and CEO was a panellist in the last session of the morning, alongside Jez Frampton Interbrand CEO and Mario Muttenthaler, CMO of Cambridge Satchel Company.  In their sessions, both touched on the importance of brand in the building of businesses, talking about how brand experience is the driver of customer engagement.




Steve Woolley of CIM ran through the key findings from the CIM brand experience research, which revealed the areas within organisations that most urgently need tackling in order to enable marketers to deliver on their desired brand experience through the customer journey. He set out these as:

  1. Clarity around the brand promise
  2. Starting at the top of the organisation
  3. Including the whole organisation
  4. Making brand part of the right conversations
  5. Creating more meaningful measurement

The Q&A panel session was lively and interesting with good questions from the packed audience at the British Museum. Jens gave his views on how to integrate a number of different systems together to produce metrics that matter and gave advice on how to engage employees with a brand when operating a house of brands.




Huge thanks to CIM for delivering a fantastic and insight-filled day.

To download the full brand experience research report, please click here. (You need to be a member of CIM to access the report free. Let us know if you would like us to email you a copy on


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