Brandworkz wins new clients in the UK and USA

Brandworkz, the marketing and brand management software company, announces today that it has won new clients in the UK and US including Reward Gateway, TDSi and a global insurance company, amongst others.

Reward gateway is an employee benefit company which creates communication plans for its 1,000 customers worldwide. The company will use the Brandworkz platform to centralise the creation, storage and distribution of customer communication materials.

TDSI is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of building security systems, offering an extensive range of readers, controllers and software systems. With a worldwide network of channel partners and sales teams, TDSi will be using Brandworkz for sales and partner enablement. The marketing team will be able to centralise sales and marketing materials meaning client facing teams will always accesses approved, up to date materials. Additionally, dealers will be able to personalise brochures and add their identity to standard TDSi materials from within the system.

In addition, Brandworkz has won business from a global insurance company who will use the platform to manage, control and share their marketing content across channels in a compliant way while enhancing their brand.

Other client wins will be announced separately.

Arnaud Lagarde, Head of Sales says “We are seeing organisations starting to move away from using low-level sharing and collaboration utilities. They are coming to Brandworkz looking for greater automation from a single integrated platform to control their brands, create and share marketing assets and communicate with sales channels.  We look forward to working with all of our new customers to simplify their marketing operations and reduce costs.”


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