Brandworkz 6.1 Release Notes

New Features and Improvements


The Blog feature, part of the Brandworkz Showcase module, enables marketers to bring your brand site to life and tell the story of your marketing and brand activities, creating a valuable knowledge base.

The Blog is accessed through your site navigation. The look and feel is in keeping with a modern app. You can choose two different styling options and multiple distinct blogs can be set up.

Users can contribute content, insert images, comment and reply. In addition, they can subscribe to either the whole Blog or just individual posts, receiving them by email, or viewing directly in the platform when they log in. The Blog is permissions based, therefore it is possible to restrict who can submit content and what certain user groups can see.

Posts can be categorised and tagged for better search and, because the Blog is integrated with the Brandworkz digital asset management system, images can be automatically resized and inserted in a post in the correct format. Posts can be cross-linked to any other section or module within Brandworkz.

The Blog feature is integrated with the Brandworkz Approval Workflow system so posts and comments can be approved by management before being made available for users to see. There is an option for permanent archiving of old posts and comments.


Hot folder

Brandworkz 6.1 features the Hot Folder  which allows users to assign a folder on the operating system of Brandworkz server so that any file added to that folder into will be imported automatically into the Brandworkz platform, including any IPTC or XMP metadata embedded in the file or in an associated sidecar file.

For example, a user can add keywords to assets in a 3rd party application such as Adobe Bridge, then FTP the assets to the hot folder on the Brandworkz server, and these assets will become available in Brandworkz.

Users may also have assets that originate in a 3rd party application which needs to be available in Brandworkz. This application can be configured to transfer the files to the Hot Folder on the Brandworkz server and they will automatically become available for end-users in the platform.


Job numbers for workflow items

Each job or project in the Workflow system can be assigned a sequential job number, simplifying management of processes.


User interface improvements

Better UI control for moving assets and folders.
Greatly improved way of selecting the target folder when moving assets or folders. You can now both browse the three or type in a keyword to get a filtered list of possible destination folders

Simple left-click for downloads in Internet Explorer and Safari.
The need for users of IE and Safari to right-click when downloading assets is gone, making the experience the same as in other web browsers

Every page within an InDesign file can be thumbnailed.


Bug fixes

Brandworkz 6.1 features numerous bug fixes