Software Releases

Brandworkz releases software version 5.1.2

Brandworkz, the specialist provider of digital asset management and brand management software has today released its latest software version 5.1.2.

The release of Brandworkz software version 5.1.2 focuses on speed improvements and other functional enhancements requested by Brandworkz clients as well further development to the recently-launched module, Showcase.

Showcase, launched separately on 26 February, has been incorporated into the 5.1.2 release and is now available to all clients. The module has been strengthened by improved integration with Brandworkz Workflow which simplifies the administration of artwork submissions to Showcase and improves the upload process for contributors.

Other improvements in 5.1.2 include:

  • Email notifications for alerting Approval Workflow Owners and any user whose action is required if any of their tasks are overdue.
  • Email notifications to the current stage’s actioners, and the workflow owner, if the next stage has not been assigned to a user.
  • Limit which fields from a metadata set that are displayed in a particular workflow stage.


User management, login and registration
  • SAML Single sign-on implementation supports auto-login to any page.
  • Sysadmin can set a default metadata set for users, so the custom fields from this set automatically display on the user-edit pages.
  • Ability to export custom user fields.
  • Ability to auto-assign new users to permission groups based on chosen metadata criteria and, optionally, to auto-activate them.
  • Automatically forward users who are a member of a particular permission group to a custom homepage or landing page after login.


  • More targeted categorisation of metadata sets. Now metadata options are specific to page type. Eg a workflow folder would only show workflow metasets. This is the same for users, content, folders and assets.


  • Representation of transparency in assets via a background checkerboard image (useful for users with white versions of logos which would previously show white on white).
  • Load each thumbnail in separate server thread or request, to guard against a whole page hanging if a particular asset on it is corrupt or cannot be thumb-nailed.


Brand Guidelines
  • Related links in CMS brand guideline pages are now permission aware (If a user does not have view permission, they will not display)


  • 2-5x speed improvement for the display of asset detail pages
  • 2-5x speed improvement for the display of popular CMS pages
  • 2-3x speed improvement for many types of keyword searches
  • 3-5x speed improvement for the display of the workflow dashboard
  • 1.5-2x speed improvement of Web-to-Publish preview updates in the editor

Joel Stobart, Head of Development at Brandworkz says “5.1.2 represents a step change for the users of Brandworkz with new features, improved performance and crash protection. We’ve made these enhancements after feedback from our clients and believe they make the product one of the most flexible, intuitive and effective available on the market. ”