Brand Management

Why Branded Templates and Assets Are So Valuable to Branding


A successful brand isn’t just sustained by logos, fonts and other artwork — they should improve it.

So you need to ask yourself: what BMS features will add value to my brand? Which features will help me manage my assets in a way that prioritises brand consistency? And how can I use these features to build a system that caters to my brand’s individual goals and needs?

Curious? Excellent, because we’ve got the lowdown on choosing a BMS with features to help your brand thrive rather than just survive.

Web-to-publish templates make consistency a priority

Brands with a consistent identity are more accessible for customers to recognise and trust, so ensuring that your teams’ content is always on-brand is CRUCIAL.

Here’s how web-to-publish templates — pre-approved, dynamic templates of your team’s most frequently used assets — help you do just that!

Low-level design changes that anyone can make

  • Your teams can easily make the changes they need regardless of technical ability while adhering to brand guidelines (some web-to-publish templates are even intelligent, i.e. if you change the artwork’s dimensions, everything else shifts automatically).
  • Last-minute changes can be made in-house without having to consult design teams.

Streamline your working processes to reduce pressure on your design team

  • Reduction of requests reduces the time design teams spend on low-level changes, freeing time to focus on creating the best high-quality designs and improving efficiency.
  • Producing and approving new artwork using design teams is an expensive process — web-to-publish templates allow you to reuse artwork in your digital asset management system for marketing material across platforms without recreating the artwork each time.

Improve overall branding by giving power to your wider team

  • Instead of twiddling their thumbs waiting for a design change, the wider team can implement changes that directly impact the campaigns they work on every day.
  • Empower your teams to be creative and get involved with making your brand better without worrying about brand consistency.


Still curious? Check out this page explaining how web-to-publish templates helped one of our customers improve their brand consistency and hence the success of their brand!

Digital asset management makes streamlined workflows the norm

Ensuring your crew have access to the on-brand assets they need, when and where they need them, will determine whether your workflows experience plain sailing or turbulent waters. That’s where DAM software comes in to keep your project operations ship shape!

Easy access to all assets in a single source of truth

  • DAM software centralises all your assets and templates, so everything is easily uploaded, downloaded and stored on one system.
  • With only one “master” copy to make any branding updates to, changes to your brand are quickly and easily implemented across all your channels.
  • These master copies of all your artwork, videos and fonts provide your entire team access to all the on-brand designs they need, anywhere and at any time.

Support multi-brand/global teams

  • It Simplifies collaboration as everyone works from the same branded assets, with DAM software often using an API to allow anyone to access assets in whichever file type they need.
  • Your multi-brand and global teams can access the on-brand assets and templates they need to create content that:
    • Ensures different brand identities can be managed under the same roof yet feel distinct from each other.
    • It can be adapted to language, cultural and regulation differences while also keeping brand identity consistent.

Help your brands thrive long-term

  • Speed up your team’s working processes dramatically, increasing your ROI over time.
  • Increase long-term brand consistency by eliminating off-brand duplicates hanging around on any of your applications.

Our research has shown that improving access capabilities can save an organisation up to 724 work hours a year — so DAM software might just be the lifeline your brand needs!


Put bottlenecks in the rear-view mirror with approval workflows

From delays in project approval to slow communication between management and teams and a general lack of visibility over your campaigns, blockages in your workflows make meeting deadlines and delivering high-quality branded content all the more difficult.

However, these can be avoided with approval workflows, providing you with an all-seeing eye to oversee and control your entire production process!

Bird’s-eye view of approvals and automated notifications of all projects

  • Automatic notifications on project deadlines give you complete visibility on all marketing campaigns and content, making it easier to spot and resolve bottlenecks when they occur.
  • Ensure your teams stay on the same page, organised and on schedule.

Ensure consistent branding with approval workflows

  • Stay on top of all content, ensuring only the best marketing campaigns which are consistent with your brand identity are approved and make it into the public eye.
  • By using approval workflows combined with DAM software, you can give different groups access only to the on-brand artwork, logos and other branding material they specifically need, reducing time wasted searching through assets.

Easy-to-delegate tasks

  • Approvers can review work, discuss queries and offer feedback to teams directly, improving quality and morale as your team’s voices don’t get lost in an endless email chain.


Make the best use of your assets with reporting software

Running a complete diagnostic on your entire brand management system is vital to understanding how your brand operates and how to manage it better, helping you get maximum ROI for each asset.

This is what reporting and analysis software, an advanced DAM software feature, allows you to do: to make the necessary changes to ensure the only diagnosis anyone can give your brand is a clean bill of health.

Optimising your assets

  • Use visual data reporting to see what’s working and what’s not, helping you to make the most of your assets and improve your brand’s overall performance.
  • Increase your overall ROI by making sure your investment into your assets is justified — don’t waste money on assets that aren’t being used by your team

Gaining an overview of what’s working and what’s not

  • See what videos, logos and templates your teams use most frequently to understand better which assets are most helpful to them when creating content.
  • Keep your brand in the limelight by improving brand consistency – getting rid of assets your team doesn’t use makes it easier for them to access the assets vital to maintaining a consistent brand image — helping the public trust and recognise your brand in a crowded market.

Use the most up-to-date reports and data on your brand activity

  • Within a BMS, all your team activity is recorded; you can see who is logging in, using what (as well as when and how), all through data and information displayed visually in charts and tables.
  • Use hard facts and data to determine how to improve your brand.


Everyone needs a check-up at the doctor’s from time to time — why should your brand be any different?

Let Brandworkz deliver branding success

The value of these features to your brand cannot be understated, but what is equally important is ensuring that you have a sophisticated BMS like Brandworkz that can incorporate these features into one tidy, automated, centralised system tailor-made to your business.


Choosing a BMS that helps you make the most of your brand assets and templates while being the best option for your branding can feel like walking a tightrope. So, if you need a helping hand, take a sneak peek at our demo to see precisely how Brandworkz’s BMS has given many businesses the stability they need to walk the line of branding success.