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For any organisation, effective brand asset management and consistently used brand guidelines are of the highest importance. For ArcelorMittal, the world’s largest steel company, operating in more than 60 countries, brand integrity became mission-critical when they were formed through a merger between Arcelor and Mittal.

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The merger and subsequent rebrand through global branding agency, Futurebrand, increased the importance of projecting a consistent brand image to the world.

The challenge was to implement the new brand smoothly, quickly and efficiently across the globe. They achieved this by establishing an effective brand and marketing asset management system, digital asset management functionality and unified, enterprise-wide online brand guidelines.


Brandworkz worked with ArcelorMittal and FutureBrand to develop a fully-branded worldwide marketing asset management web-portal, fully configured to the needs of the new company.

The brand asset management site enables authorised brand implementation partners and staff to access up-to-date brand guidelines and to share brand assets such as logos, images, videos and corporate templates. A centralised and scalable resource, the new system acted as an ideal tool for the roll-out and ongoing management of the brand.

Key to the project was the need to educate users about what the new company stood for, how the new branding should be used and then to distribute the new brand assets quickly and accurately.

The site aimed to build a much stronger brand champion community, whilst also making it easier to find and download the ArcelorMittal brand elements, offering many time and cost-saving features.


  • Launch of the new ArcelorMittal brand went smoothly
  • Roll-out was completed in record time, something that would not have been possible to achieve manually.
  • Significant cost savings in the roll-out of the new brand identity
  • More consistent visual identity around the world
  • System and processes in place to manage the ArcelorMittal brand post-implementation

Client quote

The Brand site, now accessible by everyone through our intranet, plays an important part in achieving this objective, enabling us to maintain a strong, consistent brand during and beyond these extraordinary times.”
Anthony Old, Global Identity Manager, ArcelorMittal

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