Brand Insights

Find out what your brand is really doing online

Would it not be great to know every usage of your brand elements out in the real world? Brand Insights in Brandworkz Brand Management Software does just that!

Our industry-leading, AI-powered bots will scour the web and all of your documents to ensure the correct usage of your brand assets. All with the click of a button!


What can Brandworkz Brand Insights do for you?

No more nasty surprises

Images are a powerful tool that helps brands stand out from the crowd. They can also do severe damage to a brand’s reputation if misused. Brand Insights gives you an overview of your images and logos everywhere. You can identify the websites where your brand should not be seen and take the necessary steps to get them removed.

Have I seen that image somewhere before?

Stock image websites are great; they give users access to high-quality images at a low cost. Image sites have become so popular that it is not uncommon to see an image from them used on hundreds of sites simultaneously. With Brandworkz, you can run any stock image through Brand Insights to check if it is in use by any rivals before committing to using it.


Be kind to your logo

Your logo is your number one brand asset! But logos are tricky; misuse is common due to the many different versions, file types, and iterations. Brandworkz Band Insights can identify everywhere your logo is being used across the web and in documents, so you can rest assured the suitable logo is being used in the right place.

Rolling out a rebrand

If you have ever taken part in a rebrand before, you will know that the real work starts after the fun design phase, when the rollout begins. How do you go about tracking down every instance of the old brand to ensure brand consistency? Brandworkz Brand Insights is here to help! Upload your old brand assets into Brandworkz and let our bots track down the out of date logos and produce a list of content that needs updating; it’s as easy as that!

Never use the wrong logo again

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What will you get?

  • Answer our quick questions and see how quickly the right logo is displayed.
  • Advice on the best use cases for your needs.
  • No agenda and no obligation.

Brandworkz Brand Management Software features


Digital Asset Management

Everything in one place so everyone can find the stuff they need when they need it



Stop spending valuable time, money and resources on manual, low-level artwork changes


Workflow & Annotation

Streamline, track and audit your marketing production processes – however complex

Logo Finder

Logo Finder

Let everybody find the right logo, every time – cutting out endless, tedious logo requests


Brand Guidelines

Educate all employees and partners on what makes you different from the competition


Reporting & Analysis

Make better decisions from insights into your brand assets, people and processes

MS Doc Management

MS Doc Management

Every Office document on-brand and up-to-date across the whole company, sounds good right?


Brand Showcase

Show people what good looks like and stop them reinventing the wheel by promoting best practice



Bonjour, ¡Hola, 你好. Are you in or expanding overseas? Make them feel welcome

Multi-brand Purple


Manage all your brands and their assets in one Brand Management System

Insights White

Brand Insights

Show people what good looks like and stop them reinventing the wheel by promoting best practice

Security Purple

Hosting & Security

Brandworkz industry lead security features keep your valuable brand assets safe