Brandworkz High-speed File Transfers

Transfer 4K video or large Photoshop files at high-speed

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You might have noticed that file types are getting bigger, a lot bigger! 4K video is getting more prevalent and larger artwork files are now required more often. Maintaining fast upload and download speeds is becoming more of a challenge.

Speed up the distribution of your large digital assets across long distances with Brandworkz High-speed File Transfer.

What you get with Brandworkz High-speed File Transfers

High-speed downloads and uploads anywhere

Brandworkz technology delivers lightning-quick secure download and upload speeds all over the globe so your users get the same great experience no matter where they are.

No loss of speed

Our unique FASP (Fast Adaptive Secure Protocol) technology enables you to send large files over long distances without any loss of speed while, utilising the available bandwidth.

Single source of marketing content

Stop transferring files outside your digital asset management system and make Brandworkz the single source of truth for all of your digital assets.

Share HUGE files

4K video? 8K video? 10GB PSD file? No problem! Upload, download and share any file no matter what size, with confidence that it will get to where it needs to go.

Up to 50 times faster

We have seen that an asset stored on a server in Ireland can have a download speed in Asia which is 50 times faster with FASP. Now that is very quick!

Scale up or scale down at no extra cost

We believe everyone should get High-speed File Transfer! That is why it’s baked into Brandworkz and is yours for no extra cost.

Digital Asset Management

Brandworkz Brand Management Software features

Digital Asset Management

Everything in one place so everyone can find the stuff they need when they need it


Stop spending valuable time, money and resources on manual, low-level artwork changes

Workflow & Annotation

Streamline, track and audit your marketing production processes – however complex

Logo Finder

Let everybody find the right logo, every time – cutting out endless, tedious logo requests

Brand Guidelines

Educate all employees and partners on what makes you different from the competition

Reporting & Analysis

Make better decisions from insights into your brand assets, people and processes

MS Doc Management

Every Office document on-brand and up-to-date across the whole company, sounds good right?

Brand Showcase

Show people what good looks like and stop them reinventing the wheel by promoting best practice


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