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Aon plc is the leading provider of risk management services, insurance and reinsurance brokerage, while also maintaining its position as a global leader in human capital and management consulting. The company, with its HQ in London, employs 72,000 people in 500 offices across more than 120 countries.


As is so often the case when a new client comes to us, it was a brand refreshment initiative that prompted Aon plc to seek out Brandworkz. In the summer of 2014, following a programme designed to update the company’s brand standards, the company’s design and creative teams recognised that they now needed a single platform on which to centralise the new brand guidelines, logos, production guides and artwork templates.

Until this time Aon had been using a cumbersome agency-hosted and managed system to centralise marketing materials and brand standards.

The challenge now was to align 72,000 colleagues across the business and around the world to the updated brand look and feel and to get them on board with the new standards. It was also important to explain why the refresh had taken place, how the brand had evolved and the next steps on the journey to being ‘one united brand’.

‘Essentially we’ve been creating a one-stop shop for everything brand,’ says Creative Service Project Manager Chris Lawson. ‘With a global company of this size, an everyday challenge is connecting colleagues together. Having a central place where we can all go to learn about the brand or utilize the same logo, makes us feel so much more like one team.’


Brand Matters is born

When a colleague recommended Brandworkz, Chris and Design Manager Sara Pierrepont were quick to see the potential on offer. Says Sara: ‘We were impressed by the sheer usability of Brandworkz compared with other vendors. The interface was modern and up to date and Brandworkz also had many other features we were looking for.’

They’ve called their new Brandworkz site Brand Matters. And colleagues across the globe have responded quickly to what’s now on offer, from account execs in search of logos or images to HR trainers instructing new colleagues on the brand standards and Aon’s story. There’s also a showcase section where teams can share their best work with colleagues globally so that effective work gets re-used.

At the same time, designers from around the business are able to grab templates or view how-to videos on creating often-used marketing materials such as web banners, print ads or newsletters. The result is that marketing output remains brand compliant.

AON Brand Matters
AON Brand Matters

The bottom line

Chris Lawson reports that there’s been a dramatic reduction in the number of requests by users asking for materials. ‘Previously, we would often be asked to help out with image searches, then image cropping or resizing,’ he says, ‘and that was taking up a lot of time.’
Now, images can be searched, cropped and downloaded in the Brandworkz platform by the end user in minutes, bypassing the design team, yet with a consistent brand-compliant result.

‘Brand Matters is a great resource as it streamlines where colleagues are accessing brand information. It’s saved us masses of time by trimming the non-essential requests. For example Logo Finder is a great tool and Brandworkz was the only vendor we saw with that capability.’

Chris also notes the cost saving in terms of time both for the Design & Marketing team and remote colleagues. ‘People used to struggle to share large files previously, causing no end of problems. They would try to use FTP sites, which were often firewalled by Aon so that another internal party couldn’t download the item. But Brandworkz has completely solved that problem.’

As to the future, Aon continues to evolve the brand and gather data, so Chris and Sara and their teams are constantly looking at ways to evolve the brand management site. For example, an Update section that alerts visitors to the site about what’s new and what’s changed since their last visit has been implemented.

Overall, brand compliance and consistency have been strengthened and the marketing team is able to focus on strategic tasks, rather than constantly managing requests for content.

Client Quote
We were impressed by the sheer usability of Brandworkz compared with other vendors. The interface was modern and up to date and Brandworkz also had many other features we were looking for.
Sara PierrepontDesign Manager at Aon

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