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Investing in brand management pays dividends

Rathbones Group Plc is an investment management and wealth management business based in the UK with 1,600 staff spread across 15 offices. Rathbones was founded in 1742 and today manages over £100b billion for their clients and is listed on the London Stock Exchange.


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Rathbones had been running their marketing production with a paper-based system for approval. With so many different business units involved in the regulatory and compliance approval process, it was proving cumbersome to get new marketing materials out the door. Also, with some many people involved in the process, the risk of human error was increasing.


The transformation to digital from the paper-based approval process resulted in the creation of the PARC system. PARC is now the home for the entire approval process for all new marketing materials that are created within Rathbones. The system is fully branded to Rathbones corporate identity and features numerous complex workflows that branch out into multiple different areas of the business.


  • Reduction in the chance of human error and improved compliance
  • Improved speed and efficiency in getting new materials from their digital asset management system out to market
  • Previously a 30 step approval process was required for new marketing materials, that has been reduced to 11 through improved workflows within Brandworkz
  • Greater visibility for compliance team across all ongoing projects
  • Gained the ability to review all previous workflows and find out who signed off what and when
Rathbones PARC

Client quote

“The chance of user error in marketing production approval is hugely reduced and the time and effort required to gain approval for documents in what is a heavily regulated industry has also been minimised.”
Cole Walker, Marketing Operations Manager at Rathbones Group Plc


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