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Aetna is a managed health care company that sells health care insurance and provides related services, such as medical, pharmaceutical and dental care through employer-paid insurance. Aetna employs 50,000 staff and provides health cover to over 22 million members in 5,700 hospitals across the US.

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After changes in regulations in the US healthcare industry, Aetna decided that they needed to refresh their image in the marketplace to better compete for new business. Aetna worked with a global branding agency to develop a refocused strategy and brand promise that was all about helping people make the choices they need for a healthy life. This was revolutionary in the healthcare industry. Given the number of employees, disparate offices and communication channels, a brand management system was essential to ensure the rebrand was a success.


The Aetna Brand Center is the home for the new Aetna brand. The system highlights the vital brand promise, values and vision that Aetna is striving to deliver. The Brand Management System is educating users and helping to align them behind the brand. The Brand Center is also where internal teams and external agencies go to access the new brand assets, best-in-class marketing materials and recent advertising campaigns. Crucially in an industry, as highly regulated as healthcare, the brand site is integrated with a separate compliance workflow system. This ensures that the appropriate people can approve marketing content before it goes live


  • A vast increase in the sharing of best practice marketing content
  • Reduction in the cost of marketing content as the re-use of materials is being encouraged
  • Boost in marketing output as creatives have access to everything they need in one place
  • Greater alignment of all staff behind the brand promise, vision and values

Client quote

“The business has seen vastly increased sharing of marketing content – 20,000 people, or half the workforce, have registered themselves as users and they are downloading more than 5,500 marketing and brand assets from the brand management system per month.”

Marketing Manager at Aetna

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